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Доводим до Вашего сведения, что ниже предоставленный регламент является настоящим договором между Администратором зоны .TJ и Регистратором (в данном случае NUKTA.TJ). При этом правовая сторона, также передается на конечного потребителя, то есть - Вас. Вы должны также понимать, что договор-оферта между Регистратором и Вами при регистрации домена имеет также другие положения и дополнительные стороны ответственности.

  1. General Provisions
    1. .TJ is Internet top level domain (ccTLD) of the Republic of Tajikistan.
    2. Information Technology Center (hereinafter Manager) is National Registry of .TJ domain names in Tajikistan. As the registry, Manager operates and controls the .TJ top-level Internet domain name system and administers the registration of second-level domain names and listed in Paragraph IV third-level domain names under the second-level domains.
    3. Manager formulates and implements policies regarding .TJ domain name space.
    4. Manager has authority and capacity to enter into an agreement with any entity to manage the registration, maintenance and other operation of .TJ domain names.
    5. Manager has accredited a number of Registrars for the registration and other operations such as domain names updates, transfer, removal, renewal and reinstatement. A list of accredited Registrars is available at www.nic.tj.
  2. Registration Principles
    1. All individuals and entities, resident and not resident in Tajikistan, are eligible to apply for any second-level domain name under .TJ, however, in disputable situation, resident applicants have a priority ceteris paribus.
    2. The quantity of domain names registered by the same registrant is not limited.
    3. All applications for the registration of a domain name must be made in the form and manner prescribed by Manager from time to time (Annex 1) and submit online to the registrar.
    4. Domain names are allocated on a "first-come-first-served" basis, provided the information submitted is complete and all necessary documents are submitted at the time of registration and all procedures relating to the application have been complied with. A later but complete application will have priority over an earlier but incomplete or non-compliant application.
    5. The registrant is advised to check Registrars to ascertain the availability of the domain name he wishes to apply for. The Applicant agrees and understands that a domain name, which may at first be available from WHOIS search, may not necessarily be available at the point of application or registration.
    6. If application is approved by Registrar the requested domain name become reserved for the Applicant, however, the Applicant within one month should implement all procedures, according to requirements of the Registrar otherwise the application is cancelled and reserved domain name becomes accessible to registration. The day on which the Registrant receives the notification of approval of domain name from Manager through a Registrar, as the case may be, shall be construed and deemed as the activation date for that domain name.
  3. Syntax
    1. The domain name must contain a string of minimum two characters and can contain maximum sixty-three characters.
    2. No characters other than a combination of the following may be included in a domain name registration:
      1. Letters "a" through "z". The domain names are not case sensitive;
      2. The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and/or 9;
      3. The hyphen character "-". Hyphen is not allowed as the beginning or ending character of a domain name.
  4. Special domain names
    1. Following names have special status and shall not be registered unless under special rules:
      1. Names which contain words that might suggest a link to the Government of Tajikistan;
      2. Names which contain words that might suggest a link to the religious confessions;
      3. Names which contain "TJNIC", "NIC" and variations thereof;
      4. Names which are geographical names of Tajikistan;
      5. Names of existing generic top-level domain names and any other created or to be created by ICANN in the future. These domain names are used for creation third-level domain name space under the second-level domains;
      6. Names such as "www", "http", "https" or "http-www";
      7. Names which are similar or identical to domain names registered under other domain name space and which Manager deems undesirable;
      8. Names which in Manager's sole and absolute opinion, are undesirable or unsuitable for registration.
    2. In general, Manager reserves the two-letter country codes listed in ISO 3166 for registration as second and third-level domain names. However, if an applicant can demonstrate to Manager's satisfaction that the two-letter code are the same as the acronyms of his products/services or of his business/company name, Manager may consider the registration of such names, provided the registration does not contravene any of the provisions of the Registrant Agreement.
  5. Rejection of Application or Registration of Domain Names
    1. The registrant acknowledges that even if the registrar has approved an application or a registration for a domain name, the domain name may still be rejected by Manager.
    2. The application form for domain name registration is rejected under following circumstances:
      1. The application mismatches the established form (Annex 1) and/or is filled not completely and/or contains obviously doubtful data;
      2. Requested domain name includes words or the expressions contradicting public interests, principles of humanity and morals (obscene words, antihuman appeals offending human dignity or religious feelings, etc.);
      3. Requested domain name mismatches syntax requirements;
      4. Requested domain name is already registered or reserved at the point of application or registration.
    3. Registrars shall refer to Manager when in doubt of registering any domain names.
    4. Manager may cancel or suspend a registration, approved by the registrar, which Manager in its sole and absolute discretion determines to not be in conformity with its policies, procedures and guidelines for registration.
    5. The registrant agrees that Manager shall not be liable to the registrant for any loss or damages or expenses arising out of Manager's rejection of the application or registration, or cancellation or suspension of the domain name.
  6. The Domain Name Deletion
    1. The domain name may be deleted from .TJ Domain Names Database before registration date expiration:
      1. Upon the written request of the Registrant which shall be signed by the Registrant, its authorized representative (upon written proof of authorization) or the administrative contact;
      2. By Manager in the event that:
      3. The Registrant has breached any of the terms contained herein;
      4. Manager is ordered by a court of law in Tajikistan to delete the registration;
      5. In Manager's determination, that the continued entry of the domain name on the database would be wrongful or where fraud had been committed in the registration process for the domain name;
      6. Manager receives notice from any government or regulatory authority that the website referenced by the domain name is in breach of any laws, directives, guidelines, codes of practice or regulations issued by any government or regulatory authority, or is otherwise used for or in connection with illegal activities;
      7. In the case of the domain name is designated by ICANN for use as a gTLD.
  7. The Domain Name and Trade Marks
    1. The registered domain name has no trade mark status.
    2. The Applicant represents, warrants and undertakes to Registrant that at the time of the application for the domain name, and at all times thereafter the domain name applied for does not infringe any registered trade mark, is not identical to or confusingly similar with either a registered trade mark, company or business name and does not infringe the rights of any third parties in relation to any applicable treaties or international agreements.
  8. Change of Registrar
    1. The Registrant may change its Registrant's Registrar with respect to a domain name registration at any time. If the Registrant changes its Registrar it will continue to be bound by its obligations under its agreement with its original Registrar. In the event that a Registrant's Registrar is no longer a Registrar, has had its accreditation or appointment as a Registrar suspended, revoked or terminated, or in the event the agreement between Manager and the Registrant's Registrar is terminated or expires, the Registrant shall be responsible for changing such Registrant's Registrar to a new Registrar within thirty (30) days of the earlier of notice thereof being given to the Registrant by the Registrant's Registrar or Manager.
  9. Dispute Resolution
    1. Disputes arising at registration of domain names in .TJ domain names space are resolved according to the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy approved by ICANN on October 24, 1999.
    2. Disputant parties bear the responsibility for all costs arising at settlement of disputes.